Born and raised in Mexico City, Cynthia de Pando received her Bachelor for Communications from Universidad Iberoamericana.

Her post-graduate training includes specialization courses with premiere Dialect Coach Tony Alcantar, Phoniatrics and ortheopy at Locutores Punto Com, and Didactic method coursework at Universidad Iberoamericana.

Since 2011 Cynthia has been an important link between Canada and Latin America, directing native English speakers for TV and radio spots, corporate videos, animation, and movie trailers, that need to be done in English but with many words in Spanish. As a director, Cynthia has also directed voice over talent in Spanish, for animation movies, series, and commercials.

Since Cynthia is based in Vancouver, she is now working in the Vancouver Film and Television Industry with American actors on set when their characters need to speak Spanish with a convincing accent.

Cynthia works with actors to:

Improve Spanish pronunciation.
Identify and work on different Spanish accents.
Reduce English accent.